The operation of BSCGames will follow two broad model

1. Player can play against the house in the popular casino games of baccarat and Roulette.

i. Player can deposit BNB into the platform to acquire CREDIT to be used in the casino

ii. Minimum deposit amount will be 0.01BNB

2. Player can choose peer to peer contest to play and bet against other players in exciting computer and video games.

i. Games that will feature in this category are board games such as billiard ball/snookers, scrabble, ludo and lots more. Video games such as car race, martial combats, shooting games, strategy war games etc. Sport games like tennis,soccer and host of others will not be left out.

ii. Aside random peer to peer contest among players, there will also be regular organized contests (cryptolympics) that players can participate in and win fantastic prizes.

iii. Players will be randomly matched to compete against each other with BSCG token.

iv. 10% administrative fee will be taken on peer to peer bet from the winning prize.

vi. More operational details will be released as each peer to peer games are made available.


Between 50%-80% of all profit generated by the platform shall be distributed to all staked BSCG token across the profit distribution pool daily. 5% fee shall be retained from total dividend allocation which will be used in adding to liquidity pool.

It is important to note that only BSCG token staked in the profit distribution pool will qualify to receive profit distributed weekly and available for claiming.