The yield farming aspect of BSCGAMES is meant to be an incentive for BSCG token holders to provide liquidity for BSCG-BNB and BSCG-BUSD liquidity pools. Holders of BSCG LP tokens can use them to farm for yieldBSCG (yBSCG)token.
yBSCG token is a fair launched incentive token that can be farmed for on the BSCG farms. It can then be traded through the BSCG swap interface which is powered by Pancakeswap exchange backend.
The good thing about farming for yBSCG token is that anyone can start farming it without having to buy yBSCG first by using the available farm LP token pairs such as BSCG-BUSD, CAKE-BNB, CAKE-BUSD, TKP-BNB and TKP-BUSD. It should however be of note that yBSCG-BNB farm will have the highest multiplier followed by BSCG-BUSD farm.
The emission rate of yBSCG token currently is 0.1yBSCG/block. Also since yBSCG is fair launched no amount of yBSCG is initially minted for the DEV aside the initial token used to setup yBSCG liquidity pool. This means that the DEV will also need to farm for yBSCG token like every other person.
The yBSCG token farmed by the DEV will continue to be used to continually add liquidity to the yBSCG liquidity pool till the pool is large enough. The LP token acquired by DEV from liquidity addition will be locked up for a period of ONE year from the date of the locking of first liquidity. Details about each LP token lock will be announced on twitter and other channels.
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