AMM Exchange

Automated Market Maker (AMM) is a type of Decentralized exchange that has no doubt contributed immensely to true decentralization of crypto and decentralized finance. This is why BSCGAMES first product is an AMM built on Pancakeswap liquidity.
Our AMM uses a custom router that routes trades through Pancakeswap factory to take advantage of Pancakeswap huge liquidity. There is an incentive for users to perform swap on BSCGAMES exchange which is a return of 100% trade fee back to users in our own token.
Trade fee
Users pay a total 0f 0.3% fee when they perform swap on BSCGAMES.
0.25% fee is automatically taken by Pancakeswap since we are using their liquidity
0.05% fee is taken by BSCGAMES making a total of 0.3% fee. However, the whole of the 0.3% fee is returned back to user through our swap mining feature.
Last modified 11mo ago