Tokenomics chart.

1. The maximum total supply of BSCG at any given time will be 100 million.

2. Initially 60% (60 million) of the maximum total supply will be distributed through IFO

3. 20% (20 million) will be allocated to marketing and airdrops.

4. 10% (10 million) will be reserved for the team.

5. 10% (10 million) will be allocated towards partnership and development.


1. Profit distribution: holders of BSCG token who have staked their token will be able to claim part of the platform BNB profit released into the profit pool weekly.

2. A 5% fee is deducted when users claim their BNB dividend from the profit pool. This BNB fee will be used to add liquidity to BSCG/BNB liquidity pool thereby consistently stabilizing and increasing price of BSCG token.

3. Voting right: holders of BSCG token will have right to vote on governance issue relating to the platform’s progress

4. Game currency: it will serve as a game currency with which holders can perform transactions on the gaming platform.